Monday, March 31, 2008

Pics of Pregnant Rachel

Here's some pictures along the way of the belly and the baby...
16 weeks

19 weeks

25 weeks- March 30th!

Ultrasound time...
21 weeks- it's a boy!

Workin' on the Nursery

About a month ago, Mom and Dad came over to help on the nursery. So much progress was made! What was once a blue wall papered office is now a pastel green and blue pasture.

Phase one complete!

Buddy wears out Sabastian

This past week, Blake and I began tracing images onto the walls using a friend's overhead projector and coloring pages.

It's looking better and better- things are coming right along!
Now we are starting to add paint- woah!! Before you know it, it will be filled with furniture and finally... a baby boy!