Monday, July 21, 2008

Garrett Blake's birth!

Well, Garrett made us wait 1 week past the due date to meet him! Saturday night July 19th, we went to the hospital where they would insert some medicine to help me efface (soften) for 12 hours before being induced in the morning. Not long after the medicine was in, I started some contractions that were getting painful and only 2-3 minutes apart! After a couple of hours, they took the medicine insert back out. The contractions became less painful, but still continued to feel cramp like every few minutes. Baby's heart rate kept dipping a little with all the contractions, so at about 1:30 we decided to break the water to let real labor begin-- and it sure did! It didn't take long for those lamaze classes to come in handy. After about an hour of close, painful contractions, I was dialated to 3 CM and we went ahead with an epidural. It was wonderful! :-) By 4:00, I was 5CM dialated, but the doctor was very concerned with the heartbeat. It was consistantly dropping during each contraction and also was not fluctuating like normal. Another slight complication was that he had a bowel movement in the water, which can become a problem. So, after some great counsel and explaining from the doctor, we decided to go ahead and "get him delivered" via c-section. Not exactly what was in our plans, but I believe it was best for Baby Garrett. We went into the surgery room about 4:15 and Garrett Blake was born at 4:32 AM on July 20th! I did not feel pain, just pressure. It was very strange! My body was going through so much, plus a couple medications- I was very shaky for a couple hours. But it was amazing to hear that loud cry and know he was out! Blake peeked over the curtain and saw the whole thing while he stayed by my side. He really did a great job supporting me. Garrett was 7 lbs 15 oz, and 21 inches long. He has dark brown hair and looks a lot like Daddy. No one knows where he got his cute dimpled chin from!

We will be in the hospital until Wednesday because of the surgery, but everything has been progressing great. I am off all machines and monitors, and have been up and around a little, including a shower this morning. :-) The stiches hurt when I move, but other than that I'm really doing quite well. Garrett is a good eater, good sleeper, and good pooper. Just perfect for a baby. ;-) He has done very well learning how to breastfeed, which makes me so glad. I'd been praying for that ever since I found out I was pregnant. God is so good, He answers our prayers and looks out for His children so well. I thank the Lord that we did not have to induce, even though I would not have chosen surgery. But, I know it was the right decision and that God's hand is on us and our family. Thank you, Jesus.


I am just an average poet... said...

HE LOOKS SO AMAZING!!! Hi color is awesome... and i see you in him too mommy!!

Lisa said...

Hey Rachel!!!! We are so excited about our new cousin & nephew! We cannot wait to see him soon. Thanking God with you that he is here and healthy. Will pray for you to continue to heal. Enjoy him every minute!!! Katey is telling everyone about her new baby "cuznn Gawwett" with her little 3 year-old accent. :)

kevin said...

Garrett Blake has made our week!!! The excitement in the Herrin household is awesome. And to think we get to hold him in one more day. Garrett is so special we are traveling all the way from the east coast just to snuggle with him. Garrett, we love you and are storing up hugs and kisses for you