Tuesday, April 28, 2009

9 months old

Garrett had a rough start to being 9 months old. Last Sunday night (the 19th) we went to the E.R. as Garrett had a 103.7 temp. The hospital reading was 105! Poor baby had all kinds of tests and it was decided he probably had an ear infection. I think we left a little after 2 AM. *yawn* Thank the Lord, he is doing so much better now!! He is also standing better and better, can push a walker across the room, and is taking 1 step on his own. He also is signing "more" and clapping. Acutally, they are the same thing- you need context to know the difference, ha ha. As always, here's some pics...

Showing off his Bears outfit from Uncle Shawn & Aunt Lisa

Standing and taking 1 step!
(and yes we put an Illini jersey under the Bears outfit, ha ha)

"First Kiss" - Julie's girl Willow gets a kiss.
(Garrett loves to give kisses!)

9 months old!

and here's a video of Garrett laughing his head off. sorry the lighting is terrible!


Amanda Kataja said...

That video made me smile! So cute!

Debbie said...


That's sooooo adorable