Monday, June 22, 2009


June is flying by! Here's what's been going on with us, in no particular order...

Happy Father's Day! This is Garrett sleeping on Daddy's shoulder after church Sunday. Sunday evening, we had Dan & Amy over for dinner. We had a great time!

Garrett is 11 months old! He is starting to say Yeah and no no. He signs food/eat. He's pretty quick at walking around, quite independent.

Here's what the back yard is looking like. The patio is finished!

Yes, this is a photo of GRASS growing in our back yard. It's pretty exciting around here.

Here's Sabastian on his new bed that I made him.

This is just plain cute. :-)

We had a cookout for the Deaf church/community Thursday. It was hot and sticky, but great! We had several visitors, 2 of which were first timers. We just started meeting on Sundays again. It was nice to be back! (We had been meeting on Fridays due to lack of classroom space.)

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Amy said...

We had a great time at dinner too! Thanks!