Saturday, December 6, 2008


We had a great Thanksgiving! It was my first time hosting, and we had 13 including Garrett. Boni and Casey came down from Wisconsin/Minnesota, Shawn, Lisa, Kelly and Katey came down from Winthrop Harbor, Mom and Dad came from Quincy, and Sam and Rachel came from State Street. :-) I greatly apreciate all of the help; I couldn't have made it otherwise. Thanksgiving dinner was quite delicious and I think we all ate too much! As always, here's some pictures. Sorry I don't have pictures of actual Thanksgiving dinner!

Aunt Casey

Grandma Boni

Grandma and cousins

Hi Kelly!

Look out Katey, he'll get you!

camo smiles

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Lisa said...

Hey Garrett! We loved seeing you for Thanksgiving. Thanks for having us to your house. Hope to play with you again soon! Hugs & kisses from your cousins, Kelly & Kaitlyn