Monday, March 30, 2009

Anniversary, Birthday, & 8 months old

Boni and Casey came down for a short visit March 16-17. We went to the zoo with Rachel and her day care kids on Monday. It was small, but fun. Very good to see them.

Aunt Casey sneaks Garrett Cheetos!

Then, on the 17th (Our anniversary), after breakfast with everyone at Charlie Parkers, we headed off to St. Louis for a few days. First, we went to the St. Louis Zoo. It was gorgeous weather! We all had a great time.

See how blond Garrett is in the sunlight? You can actually see his hair in this pic- it keeps getting longer, thicker, and lighter. (above)

There was also some fun pool time at the Baymont Inn...

The next day, we went to the City Museum. It was so neat! It has modern art all over the place that you can see, touch, and even climb around in/on. The outdoor portion was open, thanks to the nice weather. There were all kinds of pathways, stairs, slides- it's hard to explain, just see the pics below! Also, there was a really cool pipe organ that you could get close enough to touch a couple of the wooden note things. It played automatically and had percussion, pipes, wood, and more. It was my favorite part of the museum! I couldn't get a good picture of it though- you'll have to go see it for yourself. ;-)

Blake and Garrett in the plane (shown below)
Garrett is 8 months old! Here's his monthly rocking chair photo. He is now crawling up a storm, and pulling himself up all the time.
Here's one of my latest creations- a chili pepper diaper. I've also made a couple with sign language on the tabs. One with "G" and "B", and one with "I love you" hands. So cute! I think he is up to 5 or 6 nice, fitted waterproof cloth diapers. I just keep picking away at it. I have a bunch more cut and ready to go when I have time and when the sewing machine is cooperating. 0:-)

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