Thursday, March 12, 2009

Homemade diapers!

Well, I am experimenting with making homemade diapers. Not your grandma's diapers, either. Fitted diapers, most will be with a built in waterproof layer. Here's my journey thus far...

Diaper #1: my own pattern traced from a Huggies, made with clearance fleece and tablecloth fabric. (Just for practice, that one's already breaking after a few uses.)

Diaper #2: Free on-line pattern called the Tightey Whitey Hipster. Used old T-shirts!

Diaper #3: A different free on-line pattern- I adjusted it to have the cute tabs in front. It's hard to see in the photo, but the tabs have little teal bears on them. It's a little big right now, so I'll have to make the next one a little smaller. This one will fit until 18 months... that's a LOT of diapers saved!

Coming soon... chili peppers and camo. :-) Bet you didn't know saving money could be so fun!

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shanmaribreve said...

I remember that mickey t-shirt. I might have to enlist you to help me make diapers. That sounds like such a cheap alternative to disposable.